Chubby Ranks

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On February 23, 1968 Carl Barrington McLarty was born in Buff Bay/Portland on the Caribbean island of Jamaica. He grew up in a small community near the Blue Mountains, and already in his early years he was strongly attracted by Reggae music and especially by singing. With the age of 14, Chubby Ranks started to successfully perform in local stage shows and dance halls.

During his four-year stay in the capital of Kingston he got more and more in contact with the big stars of reggae music. Chubby Ranks created a considerable amount of original lyrics and songs, and this lead to various performances with famous Jamaican artists like Tiger, Capleton, Peter Metro, and Major Mackerel, as well as to the first studio recordings. It was during these times that he started to turn towards Rastafari and Roots Culture, which is also expressed in the conscious and critical lyrics of his music.

Since 1991, Chubby Ranks has been successfully touring in Europe, for example in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Liechtenstein and Italy. In July 1995 alone, he had a tour with 11 concerts in all major Italian cities. In addition, he is often performing in clubs, discos and concert halls all over Germany (e.g. Berlin, Munich, Essen, Cologne, Nürnberg and so on) and is also working on studio productions and recordings.

With his lively performances full of energy, Chubby Ranks manages to get even the laziest audience on their feet and the atmosphere in the concert hall close to boiling. We will surely hear and see more of this young but experienced and gifted musician in the near future.

Chubby is going to play at the REGGAE SNOWSPLASH 99 in Berlin in January 99

For further information, contact Chubby ranks at mobile 0172-9130659
or tel. (089) 356087, fax no. (089) 356088, e-mail: puscher at

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