Quest for Fire: Keep it Burning

Classical Roots Reggae from the North of the Netherlands! Quest for Fire is one of the "oldies" in the European Reggae scene. They are playing together since 1991 and have released their album "Keep it burning" in 1997. The CD is quite short with just 6 tracks on it but of high quality. Especially the song "Want No Trouble - The Love Trilogy" is a wonderfull piece of Roots-Reggae-Dub Sound. This song even reached the top 10 of the Radio-London Charts in 1996. Radio London is now called Q-radio and they are the leading station in the Netherlands playing reggae and worldmusic all day long.

In the past Quest for fire played live on several venues in the Netherlands and in Germany. The 8 members of the band seem to prefer playing live than working in the studio. They need the crowd to really start the big party. They are trying to produce a live-album in the near future.

Quest for fire are currently trying to find their new style. They are both reviving old classical Reggae tunes and implementing new styles in their sound. The future will probably bring a unique Roots-Dub style but I do hope that they will be able to keep their own european backgrounds.

For further information, contact Quest for fire directly by Email rodrix at and please visit their homepage at
tel. +31-50-5715603

Document written and designed by PeterB for the Reggaenode