Summer Jam

Win goodies for Summerjam 2005! COMPETITION IS CLOSED

In co-operation with Contour Music Promotion we are giving away 38 prices for YOU!

The only thing you have to do: Send a Email:

The competition HAS BEEN CLOSED on June 12th, 2005 - 22:00 CEST. The winners are:
Bag: Thomas Grund, Kevin Wreh, Roland Schippmann
T-Shirts: Hanna Busemann, David Edwards, Katja Katchour, Jörg Dittberner, Manuel Sippel, Gareth Davies, Christian Fallon, Annika Hermann, Mirja Raissi, Leon Scheuber, Fred Hockauf, Michael Albers, Christoph Betting, Henning Wirtz, Peer Schlosser, Reliszko Sven, Angélique Varvodic, Moritz von Wedel-Parlow, Daniel Sobolewski, Chili James Sio jr., Päivi Kang, Ann Katrin Schulte, Mathias Cyran, Chris Clements, Sander van Echelpoel
Lanyard: Miriam Krämer, Martina Hesse, Merlino Ghislain, Dieter Becker, Valentina Mich, Thorben Rensch, Max Reeves, Max Scholz, Olivia Takin, Bram Vlaminck

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